The following is just an overview of the some of the events we get together for on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The majority of the events, with the exception of Moms Night Out, are held during the day when moms need the support and kids need the fun!

Business Meeting: We meet monthly to discuss the activities of the club and plan the calendar for the upcoming month.

Playgroups: In addition to our regular get togethers, we also have separate playgroups which allow the kids to play and interact with children in their same age group.

Moms Night Out: Every mom needs a night out every now and then to relax and unwind with fellow moms. We often go out to dinner, eat dessert or catch a movie.

Other Fun Outings: Some favorites to visit are the Cape May Zoo, local parks, Bright Stars, beaches, just to name a few.

Special Events: Arts and crafts play dates, creating crafts for the season or upcoming holidays are just a few ways to celebrate special times.

Service Projects: We are involved in community projects throughout the year. Some of the service projects we have been involved in the past include canned food and toiletry drives as well as clothing drive.

Holiday Gatherings: Throughout the year we celebrate in conjunction with the holidays by having an Easter Egg Hunt and a Trick or Treating event